Doing it right

A successful product means delivering your message in the most effective way.
One Take Bake works hard to:

Develop the right ideas, images, and words

Assemble the right tools and talented professionals
best suited for your job

Carefully plan and execute your project from
preproduction through post

Oversee and monitor your production –
to keep it on target, on budget, on time  

Whatever the scope and budget, from shooting on Mini DV with a final product on VHS,
to a state-of-the-art High Definition shoot going to DVD, the right approach pays off.
What's in a name?

Doing it right the first time—in “one take”—is a vaunted goal in the film and video production business, but
one that is seldom achieved. It’s a delicate balancing act resting on speed, efficiency, and above all quality.

These are the hallmarks of One Take Bake—a nickname earned by its president, John Baker (aka “Bake”),
when he worked in the fast-paced environment of television. Regardless of the number of takes required,
Bake looks on each project as an opportunity to articulate the story his clients wish to deliver, for lasting
impact and maximum effect.

When the sights are set high, great things can happen!
One Take Bake